2018-2019 Music Series

Our 13th Season Providing the Mansfield and Richland County Communities with Great Music!

“Where words fail, music speaks…”

So said the Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen in speaking of the power of music. Robert Schumann, the great German Romantic composer of the early 19th century, said it this way: “To send light into the darkness of human hearts – such is the duty of the musician and the artist.”

The power of music to express our deepest, most inexpressible longings and our most profound emotions is but one reason the St. Peter’s Music Series works so hard to preserve and present great music in the Mansfield and Richland County communities.  We also strive to educate and equip our children to carry on with the gift of music through educational outreach by artists who perform in our concerts.

The St. Peter’s Music Series is committed to the growth and development of our community through collaboration in the creative and performing arts with other organizations and groups in our area and beyond.  From area church and school choirs, to Mid-Ohio Opera, to the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra, our Music Series has long sought to build a solid collaborative foundation for Music and the Arts here.

Won’t you consider supporting our efforts? We cannot succeed without the generous help of people like you. Your attendance and financial support make all the difference. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the St. Peter’s Music Series. Together we can make certain the music speaks for everyone in our community!

The St. Peter's Music Series is presented by:

Due to the renovations in St. Peter’s Church, the 2018-19 season of the St. Peter’s Music Series will not kick off until after Thanksgiving!

Check back for the performance schedule once it’s finalized!