Director of Religious Education

Elizabeth Wurm

Elizabeth Wurm, Director of Religious Education/Youth Minister

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Keeping the lamp burning and the love of our Catholic Faith is what Youth Ministry is all about at St. Peter’s Parish! It was Robert Frost who once spoke of the “Road Not Taken”, and one of the roads that youth should try and hopefully embrace are the opportunities through Youth Ministry. There are opportunities from faith-building to service, from service to fellowship, and all of them have a pertinent part in our formation as Catholics! Above all that, all of those activities can lead youth to their ultimate goal: a lifelong love of Christ!

With all that being said, many youth might concern themselves that Youth Ministry is “boring”, but the beauty of Youth Ministry is that the youth themselves are able to help plan what activities are happening and what direction they would like to see the program grow.

Whether you attend a Catholic School or whether you do not, there is never a stopping point where you can know all you know about your faith! Please consider getting involved in not only our parish activities (please check the parish bulletin) but also deanery events (such as YES, Back to Heartland Gatherings, Senior Citizen’s Prom, Leadership Weekends), diocesan events (such as the Summer Youth Conference, eXclaim, the Walk on Good Friday) and national and international opportunities (such as the National Catholic Youth Conference, World Youth Day and the March for Life)!

If you need any more information on what is happening at St. Peter’s Parish please contact me through e-mail at [email protected] You can find out more information on what is happening through our deanery and in our diocese. I hope to see you at a youth event soon!

In Peace,
Elizabeth Wurm, Director of Religious Education/Youth Minister

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