2018 Annual Catholic Appeal

What is the purpose of the Annual Catholic Appeal?
Funds generated will provide the services and programs needed for the materials, education, and spiritual needs of God’s people in the Diocese of Toledo. The Annual Catholic Appeal supports the work of parishes and Catholic agencies that promote the gospel message and provides resources to assist the poor and vulnerable, the marginalized and disenfranchised, the uneducated and undereducated and those who find themselves in desperate situations. It is an opportunity for Catholics throughout the Diocese of Toledo to join together to express their solidarity with the Church and the Bishop of the Diocese of Toledo by making a freewill contribution to help carry on the important work Christ has entrusted to us as God’s stewards.

Why should I give to the Annual Catholic Appeal?
God has given each one of us gifts, graces, talents and abilities that are to be shared responsibly and wisely with others. We must use our gifts, our time, talent and treasure to fulfill the mission of Jesus: to evangelize the poor and be close to them, serve them, free them from oppression.

Four personal benefits flow from your Annual Catholic Appeal gift:

  1. Seminarians are educated to continue to staff our parishes to provide the sacraments and preach the Gospel for years and generations to come. It costs approximately $23,000 per year per seminarian. Most men are in the seminary for 6 years before they are ordained to the priesthood. Without support, we would not be able to provide the education for the seminarians and thus continue staffing our parishes with Priests.
  2. Your gift shows your thanks for God’s gifts to you by ensuring that Christ’s mission continues in our own day and time. The Annual Catholic Appeal offers an opportunity to show mercy to those in need.
  3. Your gift enables the Church to do God’s work throughout the Diocese of Toledo by supporting a variety of programs and services that strengthen parishes and benefit all individuals, including yourself.
  4. Your gift fulfills a portion of your responsibility to make the Church what God wants and needs it to be. We are responsible for providing the resources of time, talent and treasure that the
    Church needs to carry out its mission of salvation for all. Nothing relieves us of this responsibility.

Why is participation in the Annual Catholic Appeal so important?

We are all part of the same spiritual family, joining together to extend a helping hand to those in our community who need encouragement and support. It is important to understand that contributions are necessary to build up the Church in the Diocese of Toledo. When people understand and are asked to give, they respond.

Is there a guide for how much to contribute?

We are asked to contribute as generously as we can, in relation to what God has so graciously given to us. Our contributions are a response to the Bible’s call to stewardship – to be generous with what we have received from God, the true owner. Gifts to the Annual Catholic Appeal qualify as a tax deduction under current tax laws.

Do I have gift options?

You can make your one-time gift, or pledge payable in monthly installments (8 monthly payments, 4 quarterly payments, or two semi-annual payments). There are a variety of ways to contribute to the Annual Catholic Appeal, including: check, direct debit, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), and gifts of stock, IRA and estate planning. For the security of your gift, please do not send cash.

How do I make an electronic donation?
An online payment mechanism is available on our Diocesan website: www.toledodiocese.org. Click on “Give” at the top of the home page and follow the easy steps for your contribution. You can set up monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and one-time gifts to the appeal on credit card or direct debit.

If my parish goes over goal, will it receive funds from the Annual Catholic Appeal?
All parishes that went over goal during the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal qualify to receive 85% of the fund paid which exceed their Annual Catholic Appeal goal. Those parishes that did not reach goal during the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal but go over in 2018 will receive 80% of the funds paid over goal.

How is the Annual Catholic Appeal conducted?

The Diocese of Toledo conducts an annual campaign, to help fund the work of its Diocesan ministries. The Annual Catholic Appeal begins in January and concludes in December of the same year. The Appeal includes a direct mail outreach and in-pew pledge process. This year the kickoff will be the third weekend in February with commitment weekend to follow the last weekend in February.

I already support my parish, isn’t that enough?

The Annual Catholic Appeal provides the opportunity to support our broader Church family, the Diocese of Toledo. When we say the Creed, we reaffirm the fact that we are members of the “one, holy, Catholic
and Apostolic Church.” We believe that every parish and every parishioner is responsible not only for his or her parish, ut for the well-being of the Church throughout the Diocese and the world. The Pastoral ministries of the Diocese of Toledo are available to provide support to all parishes regardless of location.
The Appeal funded the education of the priests currently serving in your parish. Catechists who are teaching the children of your parish receive training through the Catechetical Formation ministry of the Catholic Education department. Engaged couples receive pre-marital counseling at retreats through the Marriage and Family Life ministry in the Discipleship and Family Life department.

5 Easy Ways to Give to the Annual Catholic Appeal:

1. Make a gift by writing a check
Drop it off at your parish office or mail directly to the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal, PO Box 917, Toledo, OH 43697-0917.

2. Give online at www.toledodiocese.org
You can create an automatic bank withdrawal, set up installment payments on your credit card or make a one-time gift.

3. Transfer stock
Transferring appreciated stock also qualifies for a charitable deduction under current tax laws. Contact us for more information at 419.244.6711.

4. Seek matching funds
Many employers match the charitable donations of their employees or retirees. Check with your human resources office for a matching gift form.

5. Gift planning
Consider including the Annual Catholic Appeal in a bequest or will or as a beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy or IRA.

Questions about making a gift to the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal may be directed to the Catholic Foundation at 419.244.6711 or by email to [email protected]. As always, thank you for your continued support!