Bishop Thomas Visits Deanery

Bishop Daniel Thomas visited San Juan Diego Deanery on Sunday evening with a prayer service and reception at St. Mary of the Snows Parish.  The Knights of Columbus were present and helped with directing all attendees in the reception line to personally meet the Bishop.

And look at our two favorite Franciscan Sisters pictured here, Sister Paula Bingert and Sister Bernard Marie Campbell, who were very happy to meet the new Bishop.  Thank you to St. Mary of the Snows Parish for hosting this event.

Thank you to Mr. Bill Johnson for this photo.


All Souls’ Day Mass

The St. Peter’s Parish All Souls’ Day Mass and reception was held on Sunday, November 2, at 2:00 p.m. for families who had a family member die since October 22, 2013.  All Soul’s Day commemorates the faithful departed.  For each family member who died, a candle was lit and the name placed on the front of the candle.  All candles were placed on Mary’s altar.

New Kiosk at St. Peter’s Church

A new media kiosk is available to help Catholics know and grow in their faith. CDs, pamphlets and books from the most inspiring Catholic speakers–bishops, priests, deacons and eminent Catholic lay people–are available. The kiosk will be in the vestibule of the church before and after Saturday evening and Sunday Masses.

The St. Peter’s Respect Life Chapter, with the generous help of the K of C, arranged the purchase of the kiosk.  They are ordering a 5-CD packet for purchase for the season of Advent and they will continue ordering new CDs as the funds become available.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, their hope is that everyone can learn more about the Catholic faith and be eager to know more and to share with others.  The CDs are $3, booklets $2 and books $4–very reasonably priced.


“Do Something” Rally

Author Robert Lupton was the guest speaker at the “Do Something” Rally last week.  The event was open to the community and was held at St. Peter’s Robert Frye Gymnasium/Auditorium.

Robert Lupton is the author of “Toxic Charities: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help, And How to Reverse it,” a book about changing the way we help those in need.

Thank you to Claudia Raff for these photos.

Our friends at Richland Source were there for the event.  Read the Richland Source story here.

St. Peter’s Parish Confirmation

Photo and Message from Mrs. Elizabeth Wurm, Director of Religious and Youth Minister
On October 12, 39 youth from St. Peter’s Parish took another tremendous step on their faith journey! It was on this day that they became Confirmed, and forever being sealed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with the instructions to go out into the world and be witnesses to Christ!

Being Confirmed is a lengthy process. The students meet once a month in class for a year and also once a month with their sponsors to complete homework. They also attend a retreat in the fall, a picnic in the summer with their sponsors, complete an oral interview to determine their preparedness for the sacrament, write a saint’s report and complete service hours in the community. It is a long process with a lot of work involved, but the youth can and do rise to the challenge with one goal in mind: to complete the sacramental grace that was begun in them at their baptism.

We would like to congratulate the following youth who made their Confirmation this fall: Morsette Bernard, Diego Guillermo Cerron-Portales, Jaya Das, Jacob Depperschmidt, Stephen Fannin, Dominic Gasper, Lauren Haus, Harrison Hecker, Luke Henrich, Evan Holzmiller, Isabelle Jedra, Matthew Kingseed, Abigail Knapp, Makayla Luther, Abigail Masi, Emily McCarrick, Ava Naumoff, Sydney Newton, Benjamin Olivieri, Emilee Parker, Patrick Duty-Perkins, Hayden Pinkelman, Jack Pollock, Joshua Prendergast, Sylvia Rathburn, Emily Raff, Bailey Romoser, Nate Schemine, Reyna Staton, Caleb Stewrat, Abby Tan, Charlie Thompson, Nick Todd, Allura Ward, Alexandra Wasylenki, Spencer Wolfe, Mary-Margaret Wright, Maria Yerse and Sam Zickefoose.

We would also like to thank our instructors for this year’s Confirmation class. They share their time and talents with the youth of our parish to help them on the next step of their faith journey. Our instructors this year were Patti Kastelic, Jim Cox and Adrienne Randall.

We would also like to thank all the table leaders who gave of their time every month to attend the classes with their children. They played an important role in the faith formation of all the students they came into contact with. Thank you to Stacy Newton, Tammy Haus, Shelby Wright, Nathan Maiken, Tracy Gasper, Diane Stewart, Suzanne Das and Theresa Depperschmidt. In addition we would like to thank all the parents and sponsors of these youth who made this step on their faith journey a reality. Without their encouragement and example of faith filled lives, none of this would have been possible.