How Lucky We Are

Here at St. Peter’s Parish, we are fortunate to have so many people like Ron and Jo Ellen Stevens pictured here.  The Garden Club volunteers tend to and care for the flower beds around the buildings here on campus.  THANK YOU to all of the individuals involved in this group.  You brighten our days as we drive or walk by and see the beautiful blooms.


Monsignor Dunn Foundation Meeting and All-School Mass

The last all-school Mass with grades 1-12 was celebrated last Thursday in honor of Monsignor Edward Dunn.  Having challenged the students back in September to memorize the wording on the elementary cornerstone, Father Jeremy asked during his homily if anyone could recite it and one young gentleman nailed it.  Every student and staff member was also given a St. Peter holy card and together they recited the prayer.

The Monsignor Dunn Foundation also held their Annual Dunn Foundation Meeting Lunch at noon with a special presentation by Bill Johnson on the stained-glass windows of the church and the efforts in process to preserve them.  Following lunch, Father Hite blessed a lilac tree that was later planted in memory of Monsignor Dunn. Father Jeremy and Mr. Wasiniak helped with the planting, along with Regina’s Kids. Sister Bernard Marie and Sister Paula were on hand, as well as three high school representatives to the Monsignor Dunn Board.

Thanks to Mr. Bob Vaccaro and Austin Smith who helped prepare the site for planting.  Special thanks also to Todd Tuttle Landscaping for providing the tree.

Thank you to Mrs. Chengelis for some of these photos.

Child Center Daycare Closing

TO: St. Peter’s Parish and School
FROM: Rev. Gregory R. Hite
RE: Child Care and Latch Key programs
Date: May 5, 2015

My Dear Friends in Christ,

Following our parish leadership’s comprehensive review of operations over the last several years, we have determined it is not fiscally responsible for St. Peter’s Parish to continue to offer our Child Care and Latch Key programs. The Diocese of Toledo has approved this course of action. The St. Peter’s Child Center will close, effective June 30, 2015.

This difficult decision was made in part due to competitive market pressure on day care rates as a result of the increase in day care availability in Mansfield and the surrounding area since 1989, an enrollment drop of 31% at the Child Center over the last five years, and new state guidelines for staffing ratios. The Child Center’s operational losses have been substantial, with a projected shortfall this year in excess of $50,000. These factors make it impossible for St. Peter’s to continue offering this service to our community.

Our dedicated employees and staff and the families that the Child Center currently serves who will be most impacted by this decision have the full support of St. Peter’s to lessen the hardship this closing may cause.

Thank you for your support and prayers as we strive to keep our Parish and School financially secure for the benefit of all.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Gregory R. Hite, M.S., S.T.L. Pastor/Superintemdent

Monty Friebel, Budget Committee Chairman

Jerry Straub, Business Manager

Capital Campaign Feasibility & Planning Study

Dear Friends in Christ,

St. Peter’s Church & School is currently in the planning stages of a major capital campaign to raise the funds needed to address the most pressing facility maintenance and improvement needs.

As a preliminary step to this effort, we are conducting a Fundraising Feasibility & Planning Study to assess our financial potential and to help us to prepare for this eventual effort by seeking member suggestions and feedback in all aspects of our plans.  Toward that end, you will be invited to participate in this important study in following ways;

  • On Sunday, May 17 at 1:00 p.m. in the church we will be hosting a special Church-Wide Informational Meeting to which all parishioners are cordially invited and encouraged to attend. At this special meeting, we will share and discuss in detail our needs and plans.  We will then open the meeting up to member feedback, questions, and suggestions. Following the meeting, there will be refreshments in the church basement.
  • Then on Monday, May 18 through Wednesday, May 19 we will be conducting a series of Personal, Confidential Interviews with a small group to get their more intimate feedback on our proposed project and campaign plans.
  • Finally, on May 23 & 24, a special Online Survey will be made available for all parishioners to go and read about our plans. You will also have the opportunity to complete a brief survey questionnaire to provide your input and feedback. The survey will be open from Saturday, May 23 through Saturday, May 30.

The feedback and responses received are strictly confidential and will be received, compiled and analyzed by Walsh & Associates Church Fundraising Specialists, the firm we’ve hired to coordinate and conduct this special study for us.  They will then prepare and share with us a special report summarizing the results of the study together with their suggestions based on their experience and member response on how to proceed in addressing our needs.

So please plan to participate in this important study if you can.  Your input is both needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Gregory R. Hite, M.S., S.T.L.
Pastor & Superintendent



What a wonderful two weeks of ANNIE!

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