Friends of the Library Honor Sister Paula

On July 14, 2015, the Friends of the Library hosted a luncheon to honor Sister Paula’s service.  Sister has volunteered for the Friends since 1980.  Every Tuesday, Sister Paula, along with other Friends of the Library, sort books for the Friends’ book sales.  The sales fund many library services including Sunday Music at Main Library.

Thank you to Mr. Joe Palmer for this information and photos.

Part II: Reflections on the Same Sex Marriage Ruling

millerBy Fr. Jeremy Miller

This is the second in a series of five articles on same sex marriage.  For the previous article in this five part series, click here.

Question: What is the best family arrangement for children? Are having a mother and father really better for children than same sex parents?  What about all the heterosexual couples who do a poor parenting job?  Aren’t having same sex parents better than children suffering neglect and abuse in other situations?

Even if we grant that society is in the marriage business for the sake of children, why would that rule out same sex marriage?  First, same sex couples can have children through artificial means and through adoption.  Second, by all accounts, same sex parents can do a wonderful parenting job and even care for their children more lovingly than many heterosexual couples.

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Reflections on the Same Sex Marriage Ruling

millerBy Fr. Jeremy Miller

I was quite saddened by the recent Supreme Court decision to make so called “same sex marriage” the law of the land.  I was not saddened because I hate people with same sex attraction.  In fact, I have a number of family members, friends, and other acquaintances with same sex attraction.  I was not saddened primarily because it goes against God’s law, because I realize not everyone concedes that starting point.  I was primarily saddened by the decision because it ignores the historical and sociological truth of why marriage is a public good for society.

This is the first in a series of five articles that will appear in the next few bulletins to address various questions related to this topic.  While this issue has been ruled upon by the Supreme Court, there remains the need for supporters of traditional marriage to continue to articulate their position in the public square.

I ask that you would read these articles with an open mind.  Notice that I do not rely at all on religious arguments until the last question which will appear in a subsequent bulletin; that question will deal specifically with this question as it relates to faith.  I would be happy to engage anyone in this discussion through contact in person or by email at

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